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David Williams

Managing Director

Favourite Food | Chocolate
Favourite Drink | 
Favourite Hobby | Cycling
Most Comparable Super Hero | Spider Man
Best Skill | Delegation
Favourite Film | Despicable Me

Gavin Briffa

Account Manager

Favourite Food | KFC
Favourite Drink | Cinzano
Favourite Hobby | Theatre
Most Comparable Super Hero | Mr Incredible
Best Skill | Unjamming the Photocopier
Favourite Film | Drop Dead Fred

Gemma Conn

Account Executive

Favourite Food | Sausage Rolls
Favourite Drink | Cocktails
Favourite Hobby | Watching TV
Most Comparable Super Hero | Batwoman
Best Skill | Multi-tasking
Favourite Film | Beauty and the Beast

Daniel Ninnim

Marketing Co-ordinator

Favourite Food | Ice Cream
Favourite Drink | Jack Daniels
Favourite Hobby | Video Games
Most Comparable Super Hero | Iron Man
Best Skill | Blagging
Favourite Film | Lion King

Molly Crookall


Favourite Food | Roast Dinner
Favourite Drink | Dry Wine
Favourite Hobby | Spending time with my children
Most Comparable Super Hero | Little Mermaid
Best Skill | Buying Rubbish Cars
Favourite Film | The Holiday

Lianne Williams


Favourite Food | Fajitas
Favourite Drink | Rose Wine
Favourite Hobby | Exercising
Most Comparable Super Hero | He-(WO)Man
Best Skill | Cooking and Cleaning
Favourite Film | Pretty Woman

Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis

Graphic designer

Favourite Food | Anything Beige
Favourite Drink | Tea
Favourite Hobby | Gaming
Most Comparable Super Hero | Flash
Best Skill | Colouring In
Favourite Film | The Empire Strikes Back

Jonathan Morcom


Favourite Food | Steak Tartare
Favourite Drink | Lager/Reisling
Favourite Hobby | Watching Liverpool/Running 
Most Comparable Super Hero | Flash
Best Skill | Resection Clothing
Favourite Film | Life on the Road


Guard Dog

Favourite Food | Salmon Fish Cakes
Favourite Drink | Water
Favourite Hobby | Eating
Most Comparable Super Hero | Bolt
Best Skill | Walking on Hind Legs
Favourite Film | Cats and Dogs

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