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Our experience and passion for providing the highest levels of service has helped us to build and maintain lasting relationships with our customers. It is with these lasting relationships that we believe sets us apart from our competitors and will only serve to push Redrok forward in the future.

Roll over each person to see who they are and what they do.

David Williams
Managing Director

Favourite Food | Chocolate

Favourite Drink | Tonic Water

Favourite Hobby | Cycling

Most Comparable Super Hero | Danger Mouse

Best Skill | Delegation

Favourite Film | Despicable Me

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Lee Williams
Relationship Manager

Favourite Food | Thai Green Curry

Favourite Drink | Canadian Club Whiskey

Favourite Hobby | Fishing

Most Comparable Super Hero | Bananaman

Best Skill | DIY

Favourite Film | A Knights Tale

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Gavin Briffa
Relationship Manager

Favourite Food | KFC

Favourite Drink | Cinzano

Favourite Hobby | Theatre

Most Comparable Super Hero | Mr Incredible

Best Skill | Un-jamming the photocopier

Favourite Film | Drop Dead Fred

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Robin Saines
Relationship Manager

Favourite Food | Lasagne

Favourite Drink | Doom Bar

Favourite Hobby | Computer Games

Most Comparable Super Hero | Batman

Best Skill | Throwing playing cards a long way

Favourite Film | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Gary Wilcockson
Studio Manager

Favourite Food | Indian

Favourite Drink | Coffee

Favourite Hobby | Colouring In

Most Comparable Super Hero | Fantastic Mr Fox

Best Skill | Cooking

Favourite Film | Blade Runner

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Chris 'Pablo' Bartolini
Marketing Coordinator

Favourite Food | Pizza

Favourite Drink | OJ

Favourite Hobby | Football

Most Comparable Super Hero | Buzz Lightyear

Best Skill | Eating Pizza

Favourite Film | Anchorman 1&2

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Gemma Conn
Business Administration

Favourite Food | Sausange Rolls

Favourite Drink | Cocktails

Favourite Hobby | Watching TV

Most Comparable Super Hero | Powerpuff Girl

Best Skill | Multi-tasking

Favourite Film | The Intern

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Adam Hopkins
Business Development Manager

Favourite Food | Carbonara

Favourite Drink | Coffee

Favourite Hobby | Swimming with my sons

Most Comparable Super Hero | Howard Webb

Best Skill | Blowing a whistle!

Favourite Film | Jungle Book

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Molly Crookall

Favourite Food | Roast Dinner

Favourite Drink | Dry Wine

Favourite Hobby | Spending time with her children

Most Comparable Super Hero | Little Mermaid

Best Skill | Buying Rubbish Cars

Favourite Film | The Holiday

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Sandra McLean

Favourite Food | Indian

Favourite Drink | Gin

Favourite Hobby | Netball

Most Comparable Super Hero | Elastigirl

Best Skill | Catching a Ball

Favourite Film | Dirty Dancing

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Lisa Matthams
Delivery Driver

Favourite Food | Chinese

Favourite Drink | Gin

Favourite Hobby | Partying

Most Comparable Super Hero | Wonderwoman

Best Skill | Driving

Favourite Film | Kevin and Perry Go Large

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Guard Dog

Favourite Food | Salmon Fish Cakes

Favourite Drink | Water

Favourite Hobby | Eating

Most Comparable Super Hero | Bolt

Best Skill | Walking on hind legs

Favourite Film | Cats and Dogs

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